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menu orizzontale ambienti e sale - english

Grand Staircase

It leads to the ‘piano nobile’ and is decorated in trompe l'oeil. It is often used as a set for fashion or wedding photographic services.
scalone nobile
Salone pompeiano

It was the Palace’s main hall where concerts and balls took place (it seems that both Wagner and Lizst gave a concert here). It owes its name to the peculiar decorations and wall paintings, which draw inspiration from the third Pompeian style. From the hall you can enter an enfilade - a suite of decorated rooms aligned with each other – where it is possible to set up stands and small exhibitions. The main hall is a perfect foyer for welcoming guests and serving light refreshments.
salone pompeiano
Aula magna

The main Congress Hall (Aula Magna) is housed in the former Lay brothers’ dormitory, on the first floor of the west side of the cloister. It has a maximum capacity of 200 people.
The venue benefits from the very latest hi-tech equipment and meets the standards for access by all users, including disabled people.
alua magna
Congress Suites

On the same level as Congress Hall, these versatile rooms are beautifully decorated and can seat any combination of guests between 10 and 40 for a variety of events.