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Fiastra Abbey Nature Reserve was established in 1984 and includes 4,448 acres of land surrounding the Abbey of Chiaravalle di Fiastra that were shaped over the centuries by the Cistercians.
The Nature Reserve is managed by the Giustiniani-Bandini Foundation, a private and autonomous organization (enrolled in the legal register D.P.R. dated 6 July 1974).
The mission of the Nature Reserve is to safeguard the lands, to advance scientific research and environmental education activities, to promote the development of agriculture in accordance with the development of tourism, to safeguard the ancient Abbey, the Prince’s palace and all the surrounding buildings.

Fiastra Abbey Nature Reserve was officially established on June 18th, 1984, by an agreement between Region Marche and the Giustiniani-Bandini Foundation. It was subsequently recognized with a Decree of the Ministero dell'Agricoltura e Foreste on 10th December 1985 (the Decree was published on the Gazzetta Ufficiale on January 7th, 1986) as a "Riserva Naturale dello Stato".