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The Giustiniani-Bandini Foundation owns Fiastra Abbey, and the surrounding buildings and land (4448 acres). It was established in 1974, under the will and testament of Sigismondo Giustiniani Bandini, who died without an heir in 1918, when he was 32.
In his will he had shown his willingness to establish a Foundation that would have inherited his entire estate and the properties of his sister Maria Sofia Giustiniani-Bandini.
The aim of the Foundation is to safeguard, preserve, and enhance the properties that belonged to Giustiniani-Bandini.
In addition to the Abbey and the surrounding land, the Foundation owns 70 farmhouses, most of which are still inhabited by the farmers who cultivate the Foundation’s land while a few of them can accommodate visitors.
Part of the land is directly cultivated by the Giustiniani-Bandini Foundation.

The Giustiniani-Bandini Family

In 1773 Marquis Alessandro Bandini-Collaterali
obtained an emphyteutic lease on Fiastra Abbey, and at the beginning of the 19th century the Family bought the Abbey and farming estate from the Holy See at the price of 100.000 scudi.

In 1863 Carlo Bandini married Cecilia, daughter of Prince Giustiniani, and acquired the title of “prince”.
The last member of the family, Prince Sigismondo, died in 1918 at the age of 32. He was buried in the Abbey church: a memorial stone hung on the transept wall testifies to his devotion to the Abbey and the farmers.
In 1977, after the death of his sister Maria Sofia, all the properties of the Giustiniani-Bandini Family were inherited by the Giustiniani-Bandini Foundation, according to Prince Sigismondo’s will.
Stemma Bandini